English Course Offerings (2021-2023)

Below is the schedule of courses beyond the 100-level offered by the literature faculty from Fall 2021 – Spring 2023. The schedule may change. Note: this schedule does not include May, Summer, or Winter terms. It does not include independent or directed studies.

Schedule of (ENG) Literature and Writing Courses, 2021-2023

Fall 2021

201 Public Writing (Misty Krueger)
204 Book Arts (Kristen Case)
251H British Texts and Contexts I (Stephen Grandchamp)
277H Colonial America across the Centuries (Sabine Klein)
288H Literature and Gender (Misty Krueger)
279H Multicultural and Ethnic Literature and Film (Michael Johnson)
380 Transatlantic 18th-Century Women (Misty Krueger)
377 Recent American Poetry (Kristen Case)
449 Twentieth-Century British Literature (Christine Darrohn)
477 Affect and the Graphic Memoir (Sabine Klein)
HUM 277 Erika Rodriguez

Spring 2022

200 Professional Writing (Misty Krueger)
203 Publishing (Carey Salerno)
250H Shakespeare (Stephen Grandchamp)
252H British Texts and Contexts II (Christine Darrohn)
277H Indigenous Futures (Michael Johnson)
286H Graphic Novel (Sabine Klein)
300 Critical Concepts (Stephen Grandchamp)
367 War and Violence in Colonial America (Sabine Klein)
370 The Splendid Drunken Twenties (Michael Johnson)
477 Juvenilia (Misty Krueger) 
491 Capstone Seminar (Kristen Case)
HON course (Misty Krueger)
HUM 277 (Erika Rodriguez)

Fall 2022

202 Editing (Misty Krueger)
251H British Texts and Contexts I (Misty Krueger)
263H 20th- and 21st-c. American Literature (Kristen Case)
265H African American Literature and Culture (Michael Johnson)
277H British Realism (Christine Darrohn)
277H New England Indigenous Literature (Sabine Klein)
346 Victorian Literature (Christine Darrohn)
362 American Environmental Writing (Kristen Case)
455 Literary Theory and Cultural Studies (Michael Johnson)
477 Podcasting as Literature (Stephen Grandchamp)
HON 377 Proto-Science Fiction (Misty Krueger)
HUM 277 (Erika Rodriguez)

Spring 2023

200 Professional Writing (Misty Krueger)
203 Introduction to Publishing (Carey Salerno)
2xx Native American and Indigenous Film (Michael Johnson)
277H Video Games as Literature (Stephen Grandchamp)
277H British Fin de Siècle (Christine Darrohn)
286H Graphic Novel  (Sabine Klein)
300 Critical Concepts (Kristen Case) 
345 Romantic Literature (Stephen Grandchamp)
382 Popular Genres (Michael Johnson)
477 TBA (Kristen Case)
491 Capstone Seminar in English (Misty Krueger)
FYS 100 (Kristen Case)
HON 100 (Misty Krueger)
HON 377 (Sabine Klein)

One thought on “English Course Offerings (2021-2023)”

  1. Remember that ENG 230 Writing/Teaching of Writing is offered every Spring semester–and until this year, has been offered every semester. It would be great to see this class included here.

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