The UMF English Department offers two yearly awards to students in English, the Maude L. Parks Award and the Eleanor Wood English Scholarship.

Maude L. Parks Award

This is given to a junior student at UMF demonstrating excellence in communication arts in the field of English.

Eleanor Wood English Scholarship

This is awarded to an outstanding junior or senior English major (including CWR and SEN) who has been a student at UMF during both his/her freshman and sophomore years. It is to be based on academic achievement in the field of English. Recipients must be of good character, in good academic standing, and must have demonstrated high academic achievement in all English courses. Nominations may be made by English and Humanities faculty who have had the student for at least one course and/or by academic administrators. No other factors such as financial need, extra-curricular activities, or other scholarships/awards will be considered.

The Wood Scholarship is named after Eleanor Wood, former English Professor at UMF.


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