A Lively Classroom Performance

Recently, I was invited to sit in on a Shakespeare class for a dramatization of Hamlet. I went to this class and I was shocked, the energy of the student performers was evident when I walked into the class. They were only doing a scene from this famous play, but they were practicing with the seriousness and professionalism of having the intention to do the entirety of Hamlet. While they were performing, they brought in props and did minor costuming to symbolize their character. They had full ranges of emotions while performing and they really gave me a new perspective on the scene by enhancing the text in ways I had not thought of. This performance, though only a scene, raised new questions for me as a reader for the entirety of the text.

It was a great experience for me to sit in on, it makes me excited to have the opportunity to sit in on other English classes to show how vivid and lively the UMF English Department is!