English Course Offerings (2017-18)

Below is the schedule of literature courses offered by the literature faculty (and faculty assigned to those courses) that we plan to offer from Spring 2018 to Fall 2018. The schedule is tentative and may change. Fall 2017 courses are now listed on MyCampus.

Note: Classes listed with * are required courses for the major

Spring 2018

ENG 100: Gunn, Case, Johnson

ENG 181 Literary Analysis and Interpretation*: Johnson, Klein

ENG 200 Professional Writing: Krueger

ENG 251 British Texts and Contexts: Gunn

Eng 252 British Texts and Contexts: Darrohn

ENG 277 Writing Reviews and Criticism for Social Media: Johnson

ENG 300 Critical Concepts*: Krueger

ENG 377: Darrohn

ENG 377: Klein

ENG 477 Austin, Eliot, James: Gunn

ENG 491 Capstone Seminar: Case

Fall 2018

ENG 100 Johnson, Klein

ENG 181 Literary Analysis and Interpretation*: Krueger, Gunn, Darrohn

ENG 200 Public Writing: Krueger

ENG 250 Shakespeare: Gunn

ENG 252 British Texts and Contexts II: Darrohn

ENG 277 African American Literature and the Legacy of 1968: Johnson

ENG 277 Studies in the Graphic Novel: Klein

ENG 344 Eighteenth-Century English Literature: Gunn

ENG 377: Krueger

ENG 455 Literary Theory and Cultural Studies: Johnson

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