Dan Gunn and the Practice of Close Reading

As you may know, Dan Gunn retired from UMF this past spring after 42 years. 
UMF English will be holding a symposium in honor of Dan on Friday, October 14 at the Emery Community Arts center at UMF. We’re very excited to hear from Dan’s colleagues, friends, and former students about their work in close reading, as well as about Dan’s legacy at UMF and in the profession. Below is the schedule for the day, which also includes a reception for all retirees at 5:00 and an after-party of sorts at the Homestead. 
Whether or not you can make it to Emery or the Homestead, we hope you’ll contribute a short video here (please pass this link on!) or consider sending Dan a card. I will collect these and deliver them on the 14th. Please send them to Kristen Case, Humanities, University of Maine at Farmington, 270 Main Street, Farmington ME 04938.

Paying Attention: A Celebration of Dan Gunn and the Practice of Close Reading

Friday, October 14, 2022

Emery Community Arts Center

University of Maine Farmington

8:45 Welcome

9:00-10:15 Session 1

*Adèle St. Pierre (The Moses Brown School), “The beauty of words and the power of grammar in J.M.G. LeClézio’s ‘Mondo’”

*Christine Darrohn (University of Maine Farmington), “Lingering: A Close Reading of Katherine Mansfield”

*Astra Pierson (Goddard College) “Poe and the Domestication of the Sublime”
*Erangee Kumarage, “Burning the Master’s House: Feminist and Colonial Agency in Jane Eyre

10:15-11:30 Session 2

*Noelle Dubay (University of Maine Farmington), “Killing the Man Who Can’t be Killed: Reading the Sentence of Gullah Jack”

*Kristen Case (University of Maine Farmington), “English 181: A History”

*Stephen Grandchamp (University of Maine Farmington) “Close Reading Video Games: Digital Explorations Inspired by Dan Gunn”

*Caro Pirri (University of Pittsburgh), “Shakespeare and Marginalia”(via Zoom)

11:30-11:45 Coffee break

11:45-1:00 Keynote Address by James Phelan (Ohio State University),“Close Reading and Narrative Medicine: Edwidge Danticat’s ‘Sunrise/Sunset.’”

1:00-2:15 Lunch 

2:30-3:45Session 3
*Ian Davis (Princeton University), “Sociability in The Ambassadors.
*Shanee Stepakoff (University of Rhode Island), “Hiding in Plain Sight: Judaeophobia in Swift’s Portrayal of the Yahoos in Gulliver’s Travels
*Misty Krueger (University of Maine Farmington), “Adapting Austen in the 2020s: Close Reading or not Close Enough?”

3:45-5:00  Session 4
*Jeffrey Thomson (University of Maine Farmington), “Stop Making Sense”
*Doug Rawlings (University of Maine Farmington), “Mon Dieu! On Watching Dan Gunn Hard at Work.” 
*Jonathan Cohen (University of Maine Farmington), “Continuing the Conversation”
*Steven Pane (University of Maine Farmington), Frédéric Chopin, Barcarolle in F sharp minor
*Jayne Decker(University of Maine Farmington), “The Stuff of Dreams and Magic: Directing Shakespeare with Dan Gunn”

5:00-6:00 Reception for all 2022 Retirees

6:15 Toast Dan at the Homestead! 

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Michael K. Johnson

Michael Johnson is Professor of English at the University of Maine at Farmington.

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