My Fight / Your Fight Book Review

I bought my copy of My Fight / Your Fight by Ronda Rousey back in 2015 at the time it was published.  I had just begun focusing more on my own health and athletic pursuits and wanted to find something to motivate me to keep up my work outs.  My Fight / Your Fight was the perfect book for such motivation.  Whether you appreciate Rousey as an athlete and want to read her book from an athletic viewpoint, or just want to hear that you are capable of reaching your goals, My Fight / Your Fight is a great book for all types of readers. 

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In My Fight / Your Fight, Rousey offers raw, emotional stories that detail the painful events of her past and what led her into fighting at such a young age.  Rousey begins with the very first fight she has ever fought: overcoming the tragic death of her father.  She details the hard time she spent as a child trying to make sense of and understand her father’s decision.  Overcoming this fight must have taken more strength and courage than any other fight Rousey details at the start of her book.  She truly does an incredible job at detailing  the pain that she felt at that time in her life and how it led her to explore new outlets in life. With her mother being an incredible Judo fighter, Rousey followed in her mothers footsteps at the age of 11.  She continues on to discuss her tough training, even as a child, and how it led her to become the youngest Olympic judoka.   As Rousey moves through her life and struggles, she does not shy away from issues in her love life, offering an even deeper, personal view of various type of struggles Rousey has endured.  My Fight / Your Fight offers a few examples of meeting people who may be better off remaining strangers, something every reader may be able to relate to. Rousey also discusses obstacles she has faced within the UFC Octagon.  Rousey tells the reader how she made her way from being an Olympic athlete to being at the forefront of the UFC’s Women’s division.  No other woman prior to Rousey was able to convince UFC President, Dana White to allow women to start a division within the UFC. With a women’s division created, Rousey was left with her next fight, the first she would have inside of a UFC Octagon.  Through reading, some of her fights may appear to be discouraging at times; however, the most important aspect of Rousey’s book is her discussions of how she made it through these difficult times.  Rousey offers plenty of advice throughout My Fight / Your Fight and motivational slogans that can help the readers work through their own fights.  Perhaps my favorite quote, which leaves no room for inactivity, is when Rousey says to her readers, “Don’t be a Do Nothing Bitch.”

My Fight / Your Fight utilizes feminist notions that women are as capable as men are. Rousey tackles the difficult notion that the UFC is inherently a men’s sport.  Rousey does not allow the lack of a woman’s UFC division to  hold her back from creating one.  Nor does she allow physical stereotypes to hold her back from pushing her body to the limit.

My Fight / Your Fight may interest young girls who need an example of a woman who made it.  It is inspirational and motivational.  For this reason, it is also a good book for any athlete, or anyone who has faced a fight in their lifetime, to  read.

My Fight / Your Fight

Ronda Rousey

320 pages.  Regan Arts. $14.99

Rousey, Ronda, and Maria Burns. Ortiz. My Fight / Your Fight. New York: Regan Arts, 2015. Print.

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