Bald Soprano Reflection

The play without question did its job at being nothing short of absurd. From the offsetting blue background to the oversexualized interaction between the fire chief and the maid, the play did a phenomenal job in illustrating that same absurdity portrayed in the text. I have to admit I had no faith that this play would be of any sort of entertainment or match-up to the text, but within the opening moments of the play, I realized I enjoyed the play more then the text itself. The text confused the hell out of me, and I guess seeing the play made the comedic side more visible, and a bit less random. With that being said the play is still absurd, but I understand now that that is the end goal to the play anyway, which is what makes it what it is.

I want to address some of the more obvious aspects of the play first that I had noticed. Firstly, the emotions within different conversations swopped out for one another compared to that within the text. The martins were no longer the “lively” relief to the text. Instead the Smith’s took that role in the production, and the Martin’s interactions were super boring to listen to in person, but I think that was what was intended, and it definitely made the portrayal stronger having that contrast. The art of defamiliarization was heavy throughout the play. This brings me to my next point, which lies with the changing of the accents. I love accents, and I was beyond stoked to hear a portrayal of a British accent, which can always be very well done or horrible to listen to. I thought the decision to use a traditional American dialogue, and tone was a smarter choice, because not only is faking an accent tough, but also it wouldn’t have added to the defamiliarization process, and given the play the fire that it had.

The clock was one of the most crucial aspects to the play for me. It felt like it never stopped ringing, and that added just made everything else going on seem more comedic, and ridiculous. The off-setting blue wall color, the clock ringing constantly, and all the other defamiliarization aspects of the play all lead to the end which I thought was awesome in person. The lighting added to just how crazy the play really is, and I think the cast, and director couldn’t have done a better job. The lightening fluctuated, and became more intense, and all the characters moved about, screaming, and yelling, and that’s the moment I realized how awesome the play really is. I have to be honest I didn’t care for the text at all, but after seeing the play, it put a new perspective, and appreciation for the absurdity behind the entire idea of the play itself, and I think on a deeper level, the play made me realize some things about our own lives that are also absurd. The whole concept of the absurd conversations made me think during the production about how across the globe, culture has desensitized us, and many many people are focusing their energy on all the wrong things in life. I looked deeper past the face value portion of the play, and tried to decipher it’s intentions, which in turn made it more enjoyable for me.


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