Extensive Humor in the Bald Soprano Production

When I read the book I found that I had trouble finding it humorous and I just wanted to get through it. The production remedied this for me by providing an over-the-top comical performance that was hard not to laugh at.The actions they chose, such as falling over the couch or crawling over the top, allowed me to enjoy it and find the amusement that was supposed to be there. This also extended the intended absurdity that the play was meant to represent. These over-the-top actions also made the play easier to follow and understand, even though it was not meant to be understood. It gave me a more coherent feeling of how it was supposed to make me feel. The script left me confused and annoyed at the absurdity; it was too stupid to be funny. Bringing the dialogue to laugh and adding actions and reactions that I didn’t recall from the script added sustenance that I didn’t know I required from the play.

One moment that I recalled as vastly different from the script was the moment when the clock broke. In the play it was a much more dramatic moment, and perhaps one of the most. It served as an important turning point in the play, making the characters become even more absurd.

The play also gave me a better understanding of the characters and their relation, or lack of, to one another. I found it interesting that in each couple there seemed to be one serious person and the other more comedic. Mr. Martin and Mrs. Smith served as the comedic relief of the couples, with their counterparts remained, for the most part, more serious. Their actions also gave you the sense of a posh, lavish, and extravagant air about the place.

The fireman also became a more distinguishable character and served as the “sane” character, in comparison to everyone else. He was put up on a pedestal and highlighted as the hero, which was especially ironic due to his lack of heroic actions. He stood as the heroic figure among them in name and status only, and they revered him merely for his job title. He wasn’t a terribly wonderful person, but his life was a bit less ordinary that’s why he stood out so much and took the center stage.

One change that made the play interesting was the choice to change the setting to an American one over an English one. This was done merely through the dialogue, switching English ____ with American _____. It was my understanding that this was meant to make the play feel more universal and applicable, but to me it almost served as an entirely different satire on American society. The original may have served as a satirical view on England, but keeping the “Englishness” of the play and changing the setting allowed the satire to become much different. It satirized our own sense of pride, wealth, and accomplishment that we carry around with us and perhaps how we believe we are the greatest.


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