BFA Faculty Reading

An annual reading occurs at UMF where the BFA Creative Reading Faculty read selected pieces from their written work to students, faculty, and members of the community. On October 25th, 2015 four faculty each had fifteen minutes to give voice to the stories they’ve worked hard on to express.

Professor Gretchen Legler, who is currently on sabbatical, read a powerful, moving essay from All the Powerful Invisible Things, entitled “Wild Flowers”. Professor Teal Minton succeeded with a fictional piece titled “Our Man in Moscow” based on the real-life Lee Harvey Oswald. Professor Patricia O’Donnell shared a piece from titled “Gods for Sale”, a piece inspired by her trip to Kruger Park in Cape Town, South Africa. Jeffrey Thomson ended the evening with selected poetry from his book, Blind Desire and a short essay he wrote this summer entitled “Why I Write”.

Although this is a university comprised of students writing and editing their work, it’s so valuable to hear the words of our faculty’s hard work outside of the classroom. Every writer faces the challenge of creation, even our ever-talented faculty.

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