What do Students do in a UMF English Class?

One answer to that question is: create their own adaptations of literary works. Check out Dr. Misty Krueger’s article on the work her students did in her upper-level literature course (click on the abstract to go to the article):

Abstract—The essay explores a pedagogy of adaptation that focuses on examining intertextuality and engaging students in textual production through the creation of an adaptation. The paper discusses the success of assigning an adaptation project in an upper-level, third-year literature course taught at a small university. It examines student adaptations of writings by William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Samuel Richardson, Henry Fielding, Mary Shelley, and Ben H. Winters and of existing film adaptations of Sense and Sensibility and Frankenstein. I link student projects to critical concepts such as re-vision and multimodality, and disciplines such as literary studies and the digital humanities. I also analyze how the projects reflect students’ interests in popular culture and fandom.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Pop Culture Coup and commented:

    Anyone interested in inter-media adaptations, or ‘adaptations as adaptations” should read Dr. Krueger’s insightful essay on pedagogy and classic texts.

  2. Additionally, any fans of Jane Austin should consider checking out this wonderful project from a couple years back by a UMF student; she took the text online and allowed students and teachers to annotate. Truly an inspiration to anyone searching for ways to push “antiquated” texts into the modern age.

    Link: http://www.textofnorthangerabbey.org/northangerabbey/
    Link: http://northangerclassroom.org/


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