Would You Open The Door? Would You?

On Wednesday, April 15th, the Modernism and Manifestos CoLab put on their cumulative event: The Surrealist Salon. There were several events at the salon: a puppet show, poetry readings, art displays, and games. Two lovely ladies in tutu’s made of coffee filters (or “coffee filter couture”) put on a game called: “There Is A Knock At The Door… Would You Open The Door?” As players entered the vicinity to play the game, they were greeted with the following scenario:

“Close your eyes and imagine for me, if you will, that you are dreaming. And in this dream of yours, you are in your beautiful home, doing the things you like to do. You are feeling relaxed, you are feeling peaceful, and you are feeling like you. Suddenly– *someone knocks on a table* there is a knock at the door. You haven’t been expecting company, so you approach the door, and look out the peephole (because all great doors have peepholes.) You recognize the person at the door; you have seen this person before. You immediately have two decisions to make, and thus two questions to answer. The first is: Do you open the door? Yes or no? The second is: What is your immediate reaction to this persons presence at your door? What do you do?”

The players were then shown a slideshow alternating between a door (accompanied by the spoken phrase: “There is a knock at the door…”) and an image of a person, usually a celebrity, whose name would be spoken by one of the game masters. Players were asked to anonymously record their answers to those two questions on index cards. After an unspecified number of slides, the players were asked to share their answers with one another, and of course the game masters.

The following presentation is the very one that was used for the game. However, the anonymous responses from the visitors of the Surrealist Salon who participated in the game are featured with the images of the person who was “at their door.” With very few rules or guidelines and under the veil of anonymity, players provided all kinds of different answers, which have been censored for the purpose of this blog.

By compiling the responses, it has become evident there are a few awards to present:

MOST DISLIKED: Rush Limbaugh, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama
MOST LIKED: Bill Nye, Prince, Hulk Hogan, JFK, Elizabeth Ferry, James Franco, Steve Buscemi, and Clint Eastwood
MOST DESIRED TO ROB: Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys and Boston Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask
MOST UNKNOWN: Lil’ Wayne (Honorable Mention to Mark Ruffalo)
BEST RESPONSE: “No, I don’t open the door for anyone.”

Without further adieu, here is both the presentation featuring the results. While watching, ask yourself: would you open the door?

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