Temple by Kristen Case

The UMF community celebrated faculty who published books in 2013 and 2014 at a reception on March 10. Each faculty member’s book was introduced with remarks from another faculty member, a nice (and relatively new) UMF tradition. Several faculty members from the Humanities were on hand as authors, and we wanted to share some of the commentary on their books.

Kristen Case’s Temple was introduced by Shana Youngdahl:

Kristen Case is well-known to all of your for her outstanding achievements as a scholar, in fact you probably remember her being celebrated for that work at our last books celebration, but you might not know that Kristen is also a terrific poet, and her debut chapbook Temple attests to a voice engaged equally with ideas and the world of objects. Reading Temple, one can’t help but envision Kristen out in her Temple home, savoring the quiet of the predawn hours connecting the great ideas she investigates in her scholarship with the material world as it presents itself before her. In these poems children are sick from “too much yellow,” and the calm voice of the speaker responds to this with “the obvious question.”  There is never too much in these poems, they are like an unfolding paper chain whole in its own universe but growing in gravity as read in relation to one another. I hope you all get to know the poet Kristen Case by reading this lovely chapbook.

Published by

Michael K. Johnson

Michael Johnson is Professor of English at the University of Maine at Farmington.

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