Symposium Day 2014

This year’s UMF Symposium Day saw presentations of literary, scholarly, and creative work by a variety of students in English or allied fields of study. English faculty also participated as project sponsors or as presenters. Below are a few snapshots from English-related presentations from Symposium Day 2014. I wasn’t able to take photographs of all the presentations due to a combination of being unable to be in two places at once and sometimes less than optimal lighting.

Wilson Scholar Presentations – UMF Spring Symposium, April 30, 2014Symposium 003 (1280x853)

Kara Chiasson: Conservation in the Digital Age (Sponsor: Eric Brown)

Symposium 006 (1280x853)

Cadyn Wilson: Hello, My Name Is… (Sponsor: Kristen Case)

Symposium 008 (1280x853)

John Buys: Contextualizing the Divorce Novel in America, 1880-1920 (Sponsor: Sabine Klein)

Symposium 016 (1280x853)

Cidney Mayes: Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey Online: Creating a Digital and Pedagogical Resource for Secondary Teachers and Students (Sponsor: Misty Krueger)

To see the website that Cidney designed as part of her project, go to The Northanger Classroom

Symposium 014 (1280x853)

Sean M Igoe and Nicole Lejonhud, Tanked: A Literary Immersive Text (Sponsor: Pat O’Donnell)

The full on-line version of Tanked and its story of janitor Jack and a mermaid at the New England Aquarium is available at Tanked

Symposium 010

Grace Kendall, Call Him Cody: Family, Home, and Transition in a Small Town (Sponsor: Nathaniel Minton)

Symposium 018 (1280x853)

Professors Pane and Case, The non-harmonious, unproductive productiveness of going against. . . .

Also presenting (but not pictured) in the Wilson Scholars group were Lauren Breton: “Young Adult Literature” Vs. “Fiction/Literature”  (Sponsor: Sabine Klein) and Curtis Cole: Postmodern Japanese Existentialism (Sponsor: Erin Kappeler). Other presentations by students in the English program included Molly Meadows, Hard-Boiled Truths (Sponsor: Erin Kappeler).

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