Paul Bunyan Parade

Because sometimes, we just do cool things at UMF. . . . like this final project for an interdisciplinary class called Re-Thinking Paul Bunyan. The students in the course got together to return Paul Bunyan (in puppet form) to his Canadian roots by taking him across the US border into Canada (where he was greeted by Canadian students from Concordia University). Accompanying Paul was Johnny Swift, the Blue Moose. For more information on the course, see “UMF Class Planning Paul Bunyan Parade at US Border.”

Bunyan 073 (1280x853)

Getting Paul and company ready to parade wasn’t easy and took quite a bit of effort, especially since periodic rain kept the puppets under wraps.

Bunyan 042 (1280x853)

Bunyan 051 (853x1280)

Bunyan 044 (1280x853)

Of course, everybody wanted to take a turn with Paul’s giant chainsaw.

Bunyan 045 (853x1280)

Paul needed an appropriately-sized passport to cross the border.

Bunyan 053 (1280x853)

Bunyan 058 (1280x853)

Not the scene of an unforunate accident—just getting Paul ready for lifting to his full height.

Bunyan 060 (1280x853)

Bunyan 061 (853x1280)

Bunyan 062 (853x1280)

Bunyan 069 (853x1280)

Bunyan 078 (1280x853)

Paul Bunyan, wishing UMF a happy 150th anniversary, as he turns toward Quebec.


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  1. jhbraun

     /  April 19, 2014

    Very nice documentation! Keep us posted!




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