A Day in the Park

Near the end of spring semester, several faculty members in English were asked to help judge a poetry contest co-sponsored by the University of Maine-Farmington and the Portland Sea Dogs (AA team of the Boston Red Sox). Most of the entries came from students in the schools around Portland, and many of the poems were written in response to the prompts “A Favorite Summer Memory” and “Favorite Ballpark Treat.” We ended up picking two winners, and several honorable mentions (one for each category of Ballpark Treat, as it turns out).

The Sea Dogs planned to have us all, judges and contest winners, take part in a pre-game event, in which the winners and honorable mentions would be paraded out onto the field, and the two winners would read their poems aloud (to the entire stadium, it turns out, via the PA system). The first time this was scheduled, the event got cancelled because of rain.

The event, however, was rescheduled for this past Sunday, when the weather was great, and we had our poetry pre-game event.

The UMF contingent stands behind the poetry winners and honorable mentions. From the left, Theo Kalikow (in the cap), Michael Johnson, Dan Gunn, and Eric Brown.

And Chompers, of course, UMF’s costumed mascot (back row, to the left).

Nothing like a poetry reading to get a team mascot jumping up and down with excitement.

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