Humanities Spring Reception

The Humanities Division hosted its annual Spring Reception and Recognition Ceremony on Friday, with music provided by guitarist Shawn Callahan. The reception is an opportunity to say hello to springtime and to recognize student achievement in the Humanities from the year that has just (or almost) passed. At the event, we recognize students who were awarded Wilson scholarships and who won creative writing awards, and we also recognize seniors who have been accepted in graduate programs starting next fall. Additionally, the Spring Reception is where we announce the names of the students who have been selected to receive the Eleanor Wood Scholarship and the Maud L. Parks Award (both for achievement in English) for the next year.  Student award winners are asked to read a selection from their creative writing or scholarship as part of the reception.

There’s also a nice buffet served.

Creative Writing Awards

This year’s Sandy River Review prize (from last fall’s issue) went to Kate Chianese, who was not present (she is currently attending the California School of the Arts MFA Program.

Devany Chaise-Greenwood, winner of the Beth Eisen Award in Creative Writing

Wilson Scholars

Wilson Scholar Libby Newhouse, with faculty sponsor Eric Brown

Scholarship Winners

Eleanor Wood Scholarship – Olivia Wandelear (right)
Maud L. Parks Award – Noelle Dubay (left)

At the Reception


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